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My Winter Wonderland Christmas

by Lucy Haynes January 12, 2016

I am back, and ready to share with you my amazing Christmas! I can honestly say it was truly magical, I always feel as if christmas is never quite as magical as it is when you are younger as we all know santa doesn’t visit us anymore!!! But I can honestly say I don’t think christmas has ever been as magical as it was, and that was all thanks to Claridges Hotel (and my mum and dad). I have had lots of people asking me where I have been, and how amazing my christmas looked so I thought I would do this post for you!

It feels like a dream when you walk into Claridges, always keeping your eyes peeled for the next famous person that could be walking through the doors, and the Christmas tree in the lobby that is always dressed by an amazing designer each year, this year it was Burberry. Okay so it started with The Davies Penthouse .. it was magnificent and I’m not sure what I did to deserve this, but it was amazing!! I felt as if I was in a film, well I might as well have been as I was walking the floors of Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, yes I can now say I have shared the same toilet seat as Brad Pitt .. does it get much better than that? errr I think not. The christmas day carriage ride, with the hot chocolate and Burberry blankets, I felt like Cinderella, all that was missing was the glass slipper, but I think mums Louboutins worked just fine. Let’s not forget the 9 course meal that we got served on Christmas Day, Food baby was a complete understatement.

The Penthouse entrance
The Burberry Tree
Inside the penthouse
Yes there is a penguin tucked in and no the bed isn’t made perfectly because I am the worst blogger ever.



Butlers on tap (they are amazing)
always a smile when there’s food involved
The Burberry Advert


she’s apparently been a naughty girl this year
South Molton Street


Christmas Dinner was spectacular
It felt just like home


Roof Top Garden
The view was amazing


Yes he won me a penguin
Christmas morning carriage ride
How all mornings should start
Christmas eve

So as you can see there was lots of food and laughter involved, and lots of pressies which I will be uploading onto another post at some point this week that  will have all the beauty products I received for Christmas, so watch out! Also having Oxford Street on the doorstep really did make some damage to the purse, I am already looking forward to next years Christmas, and of course already wondering what designer will be designing the infamous Claridges tree!! I am going to struggle getting back to normality after this fairytale, please pray for Lucy.

Lucy Lou x

Lucy Haynes
Lucy Haynes