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by Lucy Haynes March 03, 2016

Right as promised .. I am back and I am here to tell you about our new product that we have coming for you very soon and that is ; drum roll please ………….

black box with gold ribbon

Foundation Mixing Palette

I mean doesn’t every makeup fanatic need one? because I sure do!! This Foundation mixing palette provides a sanitary working surface for all of us girls/guys who need to mix and blend, or even just to use as a base to squirt your foundation before applying it to your face because I can’t speak for all of you out there but I usually use the back of my hand and I have had enough of having a left over orange blob on my hand after I have painted my face because lets face it .. not a good look.

This palette is a high quality hypoallergenic surface that can be used for professional and home use, it is easy to use and it has two recessed 5 mm deep holes for mixing on the left and the right, and even a middle surface area if you are feeling extra cheeky.  It also has a finger hole located at the top of the palette, which is, incidentally in the shape of a triangle, which is where it has got it’s name from “The Perfect Pyramid Pallet!” but if you would like to hold your working surface in the palm of your hand for extra support you can because it has 3 sides, and if not then it is perfect to just lay upon your table and work off of. The colour of the palette is as black as my soul .. black but still beautiful and shiny ;) and it has our little gold logo printed in 3 areas, giving this gorgeous palette a classy and unique finish.

So for all of you that think working off the back of your hand is good enough .. I can assure you NO IT’S NOT!! and you need to get your hands on one of these palettes.

We are very excited for all of the lucky girls that are attending Emily Rochford’s Masterclass with Diane Everett (you go girls) on the 10th April in Waterford as we are providing the attendees with a palette that they can take home in their very own gift bag.

So girls keep your eyes peeled as these will be launching within the next few weeks and we are very excited for you all to see them. Don’t forget to follow us on all of our social media links if you haven’t already which are @lucysbeautybox

Feel free to hit me up gals and guys

Lucy Lou x

Lucy Haynes
Lucy Haynes