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Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer BB1

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Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Lucy’s beauty box is the ultimate, indulgent and exclusive cosmetic accessory that stores all of your prized beauty possessions in the most wonderfully unique and clear storage organizer.  This beauty box has been designed with such precision and attention to detail by a keen beauty eye in to what every female/male needs when it comes to loving and storing your beauty products.  Everything is showcased at a glance with no obstructions from the outer case, in to this 5 draw Aladdins cave.  It is beautifully crafted from a high end transparent acrylic material and each draw is complimented by a stunning clear crystal knob. 

This must have ultimate beauty accessory is the perfect beauty ornament for the dressing table of all fashionistas and beauty experts alike.

All of our products are FDA approved and hypoallergenic.

  Made in the UK. 

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